Your profile video is a great way to introduce yourself to prospective clients here on Lifecoach.

Video on a web page encourages users to stay 80% longer, and we've seen coaches with a video introduction see a 5X increase in leads!

Need a little advice on recording an effective intro video? Check out our official eCourse. It's just over 10 minutes of top advice from our Head of Video, Tracy (who happens to be a full-time professional video coach) and it's completely free to enrol.

In addition to our official eCourse, here are some top tips from our team:

Before you record your video

  1. Keep your profile video short! The average user has an attention span measured in seconds when browsing the web for suitable coaches. Aim for a video intro under 90 seconds. Remember that loading times may vary significantly for your users, especially those on mobile devices and slower internet connections - another great reason to keep it short and punchy!
  2. Introduce yourself. Talk directly to prospective clients through the camera lens. Let them see you and introduce yourself in your own unique way.
  3. Smile and be warm & friendly! It goes without saying but many people change when they get in front of the camera. Just remember you're talking to a real person, not a camera :)
  4. Pick a quiet location. Try to eliminate all background noise so that listeners can hear you speak clearly and without distraction.
  5. Pick a light location. Try to find somewhere with plenty of natural light to record your video. Avoid having strong lighting behind you.
  6. Keep it clean. Please remember your profile video could be seen by anyone. You undoubtedly have your own style and energy level, but please do respect there is a wide variety of people on the platform and be considerate with your language. Any videos flagged / reported as potentially offensive or abusive will be removed and your account may be permanently deleted.

Recording your video

  • Use any suitable recording equipment to capture your video. Phones & laptops work perfectly well. We use Zoom to record our videos! It's. completely free and records high quality .mp4 format videos which is perfect for use on your profile. Here's a quick video guide if you'd like to try it yourself :)
  • Check volume and light levels. Use editing software if required to tidy your video up. Consider reducing background noise, increasing the volume of your voice and enhancing picture quality if required (for example, slightly low light levels).

Uploading your video

  • Before upload, check your video file is a .mp4 file format. If not, see below for how to convert it.
  • When you're completely satisfied with your video, drag and drop it into the video uploader on your profile, or click to select the file if you're on a mobile device.
  • The speed of your upload will depend on your internet connection, so it's best to wait until you have a fast wifi connection if possible.
  • If the connection is a little slow you can always pause your upload and resume again when you have a better connection.
  • After upload, select your desired video (you can store more than one profile video) and don't forget to save your profile!
  • Your profile video will now automatically appear on your Lifecoach profile, ready for prospective clients to see :)

Supported video file formats

  • At this time only .mp4 files are supported.
  • If your recorded video file is not a .mp4 file, consider using a free online converter such as to convert your file into .mp4 format before uploading it.
  • We are working on adding additional formats soon!

Running into problems?

  • We're here to help :)
  • The fastest way to get support is to submit a new support ticket, sharing as much information as you can about your issue, the type of device you are using, your web browser and ideally, screenshots or even better, a screen video recording!