Lifecoach allows you to sell online coaching services, programs & eCourses and get paid directly through the platform.

The benefits to both you and your clients are:

  • A seamless payment flow
  • A fast, secure & trusted payment provider
  • The ability to promote and sell your coaching products & services all over the world in multiple currencies
  • Impartiality when it comes to dealing with refund requests or problem solving
  • No need for your payment processing system (or asking clients to perform bank transfers over the phone)

Platform Pricing

With Lifecoach you only pay a small, percentage based platform fee when you make a sale through the platform. There are no fixed monthly fees and no hidden pricing. All of our features are included as standard. We simply deduct our platform fee automatically as you get paid. We call this method of pricing our Shared Payment Model.

Our platform fee varies depending on:

  1. The product or service you're selling
  2. Who 'promoted' the sale

For Coaching Services & Programs (Online coaching sessions):

  • Reduced Platform Rate: You earn 92.5% and the platform earns 7.5% on all session sales that occur as a result of your own promotion.

  • Standard Platform Rate: You earn 80% and the platform earns 20% on all session sales that occur through active promotion by the platform.

For eCourses:

  • Reduced Platform Rate: You earn 75% and the platform earns 25% on all eCourse sales that occur as a result of your own promotion.

  • Standard Platform Rate: You earn 50% and the platform earns 50% on all eCourse sales that occur through active promotion by the platform.

Self-Promote To Pay The Lowest Possible Platform Fees

When you promote your own coaching products & services on Lifecoach, we reward you by significantly reducing our platform fees. The way we track this is through a unique link that we give you when you create coaching products & services on the platform.

We provide easy ways for you to share your products & services and we also give you a special link that you can use to promote anywhere, including your website, blog posts, newsletters, emails and social media posts. Your link will take people through to your pages and if they make a purchase, we'll reduce our platform fee to increase your earnings.

Leverage Our Global Promotional Network

We're continually partnering with individuals, businesses, influencers, healthcare organisations and services who are seeking to increase awareness of coaching and it's benefits. When you join the Lifecoach platform as a Coach, we use technology to constantly monitor your profile, products & services in an attempt to match your coaching with their audience needs.

Where we find synergy, our partners directly and actively promote you and your unique services to their audience, driving highly relevant leads to your landing page(s). We track this activity and where sales occur as a result of our partners' promotional effort, we charge our standard platform fees.

How You Get Paid

Shared payment occurs at point of sale and happens automatically. Your percentage earnings are immediately transferred into a secure wallet. Your earnings remain in your wallet for 28 days in order to cover any potential refund requests. Refunds are highly unlikely, but where we get a refund request, we endeavour to deal with it speedily and impartially (see 'Refund Window' below). After the 28 day post-sale period has passed, your earnings are automatically deposited into your nominated bank account on a monthly payout schedule (see 'Payout Frequency' below).

We Handle International Currency Conversion

Lifecoach is a global coaching platform and we support client payment in multiple currencies. When you price your eCourse, you do so in your own preferred currency. We present your price to users around the world in multiple currencies in order to provide a better client experience. Where an international sale occurs, we perform any necessary currency conversion and transfer your earnings into your wallet in your chosen payout currency. This ensures that you do not have to worry about currency conversion or incur any extra fees during automatic payout to your bank account. Our platform fee covers the cost of currency conversion and exchange rate fees that we get charged as a platform.

No Extra Fees

From the point at which your (shared payment %) earnings are transferred to your wallet, there are no further fees. You will not have to deal with currency conversion (see above), and you will not get charged for the automated monthly payouts from your Lifecoach wallet to your bank account.

In addition, we don't believe that people should pay extra to get noticed so there are no fees to 'boost' your profile. Our client on-boarding flow is designed specifically to match clients to the most relevant coaches, so you stand out from the crowd because you're potentially the best fit for their needs, not because you paid more.

Payout Frequency

Payouts from your wallet into your nominated bank account are monthly, occur automatically (no effort required on our part) and usually occur on the last day of the month.

Refund Window

We believe it fair to offer all clients on the platform a 28 day refund policy

This means that from the moment of sale, your clients have 28 days to try your products and services and ask for a refund if not 100% satisfied. To remove the strain, reduce workload for Coaches and improve impartiality and fairness, Lifecoach has a team dedicated to handling refund requests so that you don't have to. Using a refund window means that when funds arrive in your bank account you no longer have to worry about the possibility of refunds being issued.

Easy Setup

Enabling payments for your Lifecoach account is simple. To get started so you can start accepting payments through Lifecoach, read the guide.

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