As mentioned in the what are eCourses? section of the knowledge base,

eCourses can be 100% video based, 100% article based or a combination of these two mediums.

eCourses are made up of sections and sections are made up of lectures. So lectures can either be videos or articles and when you put them all together, in your own special way, they can transfer knowledge from you to your students all over the world (as long as they speak your language of course!)

So your eCourse content is made up of video or article based lectures, and lectures are arranged into sections to make the student's flow through your course logical.

Sections should be used to 'divide your eCourse up' into logical groups of lectures.

The first tab you'll see when creating a new eCourse (after giving your eCourse a title) is the lectures tab. This is also the tab that helps you to create new sections to better arrange your eCourse lectures:

Each section should have a nice clear title that helps the student to see at quick glance what is coming up next and how you have divided the eCourse up for them to follow.

All eCourses need at least one section (because all lectures have to go into a section).

To create your first section, enter a suitable section title and hit 'Save'. You may want to go with something like 'Introduction', 'Coach Intro' or 'Welcome!' and use your first section for some lectures where you introduce yourself, introduce the eCourse and let your students know what to expect from the eCourse.

As soon as you save your first section, you'll see it appear on the left of the screen:

Adding lectures into sections

In the example above, the course now has a single section, called 'Introduction'. To begin adding lectures into this section, simply click 'Add New Lecture'. If you don't see the 'Add New Lecture' button, your section may not be expanded. If that's the case, click on theicon to expand it.

Read the guide to using lectures in your course.

Expanding sections

After adding lectures into a section, you can expand the view to see all of the lectures in each section by clicking the icon. You can also hide lectures to de-clutter the view by clicking the icon on any expanded section.

Re-ordering sections

When you have more than one section, you can easily re-arrange the order of your course sections by dragging the icon (on the far left of the screen to the left of each section title) up or down in the sections list.

Deleting sections

To delete a section, simply click on theicon. Note: You cannot delete a section until it is empty. That means if you have added any lectures into the section that you want to delete, you must first either move or delete all of it's lectures.