The eCourse landing page is where you really show your eCourse off to potential students.

Creating an effective eCourse landing page is an important part of your marketing strategy because it's almost always where people make their buying decision.

When your eCourse has been published on the Lifecoach platform, you will get a link that you can use to send people to your landing page. Users may also find your landing page by browsing or searching the Lifecoach platform, perhaps after completing another course or coaching program, so making a great first impression and convincing people that your eCourse is right for them is key. Let's look at landing page creation in a little more detail...

eCourse Title

You've already given your eCourse a title, but if you're not 100% happy with it, here's where you can change it. You can change your eCourse's title at any time. Read our guide to choosing a great eCourse title here.

eCourse Subtitle

The subtitle allows you to expand on your eCourse title. The subtitle can be longer than the title, but it should still be a highly summarised snippet of text to tell potential students exactly what your eCourse is about.

eCourse Description

The eCourse description field is where you can completely put your own stamp on your eCourse landing page and give potential students everything they need to know before purchasing or enrolling in your eCourse.

eCourse Language

Select your language from the menu.

Your eCourse can be promoted all over the world, so many students rely on searching for courses by language. It's best practice to keep all eCourses in a single language throughout, so please don't switch / record your eCourse in multiple languages. If you do speak more than one language and you want to widen your audience, create additional eCourses in your other language(s).

eCourse Category

Categories help students and search engines to find what they're looking for.

Select the closest matching category from the menu.

These high level categories should be broad enough for you to find a good match but if you're really struggling to find a suitable category, please contact us to ask for help or recommend a new category.

eCourse Level

Levels help potential students to identify if your eCourse is a good match for them.

Some eCourses may be suitable for all students, others may contain advanced level concepts that are only suitable after completing a beginner level course. As a Coach, you may wish to produce a number of eCourses at different levels like beginner, intermediate and advanced to take your students on a staged learning journey. Of course you can do that, and it may help you to increase your sales revenue while delivering a better student experience at the same time! Experience shows that students often enrol in follow-on eCourses from instructors they really like.

Select an appropriate level from the menu.

What is primarily taught in your eCourse?

This field allows you to summarise the primary subject matter of your eCourse, helping students (and search engines) to find your course in search.

eCourse Image

Make your eCourse stand out with a great cover image!

It's best practice to try and avoid text on your image. Text can be seen as overly 'salesy' or promotional, difficult to read and can put some students off, so try to pick a nice clean cover image with no overlay text.

Your image MUST conform to the following guidelines to pass review:

  • At least 750 x 422 pixels resolution
  • Must be one of these file types: .jpg .jpeg .gif .png

Images that do not conform will not pass admin review and may result in the release of your eCourse being delayed, so please pay close attention to the above guidelines.

Tips for finding great images

If you're stuck for where to get a nice eCourse image, here are some great free sites that you can use to save time & effort:

Simply enter the theme of your eCourse in the search box and find an image that you feel conveys your theme well to the audience. Just remember that some sites like Freepik require attribution as part of their licensing, meaning that you should add the attribution link into your eCourse description somewhere (usually right at the bottom).

eCourse Promotional Video

Adding a eCourse promotional video is optional but highly recommended!

Experience shows that a well made promotional video can increase landing page conversion (and thus sales) by a factor of 10x.

Guidelines for course promotional videos:

  • At least 720p resolution
  • Files size must be less than 4.0GB

Upload a video file via the drop-zone or select a previously uploaded video from the eCourse library.

What will students learn in your eCourse?

Optionally add up to 6 key learning points to help you attract the right students to your eCourse.

Students love to find out what they're going to learn upfront so be clear and try to include all your key skills/topics/concepts!

Are there any special requirements or prerequisites?

Optionally add up to 6 requirements to help you attract the right students to your eCourse.

A requirement / prerequisite is something that a potential student must have in order to get value from or complete your eCourse. For example, if this is an advanced level eCourse and you need your students to complete the beginner and intermediate level eCourses before enrolling in this one, you should make this clear by entering both the beginner and intermediate level eCourse completions as requirements.

Be clear to reduce refunds! Being clear about requirements can help you to avoid students who are not yet a good match for your eCourse and thus, reduce the number of refund requests your eCourse receives.

Who are your target students?

Optionally add up to 6 student demographics/descriptions to help you attract the right students to your eCourse.

Students who see themselves on the list are more likely to enrol!

Preview your eCourse landing page

Make sure you save your changes and then press the preview button to see what your eCourse landing page looks like.

Preview your eCourse as a Student

Make sure you save your changes and then press the preview button to see what your eCourse looks like as a Student who has enrolled in your eCourse. This will open your eCourse in the Lifecoach Student Learning Centre.