Congratulations on publishing your Lifecoach profile!

Now that your profile is live, the next step is to share it so that it can start generating leads.

Share your profile

Look for the 'Share your profile' pane when editing your profile. The link that you see here is unique. It will take anyone who clicks on it through to your public profile page where you can start generating leads.

Copy your unique link exactly as it appears here (the entire link) and share it across all of your existing media channels.

Your public profile page is highly Search Engine Optimised using the latest Server-Side Rendering technologies. As a platform, we're constantly working to maximise your visibility in search engine searches, but you can also make a real difference. Promoting your link on relevant sites, your website and across your social media can play a big part in increasing your profile's SEO score for higher visibility in local search, so share your link everywhere you can!

Capture Leads

The contact section on your SEO optimised profile page is designed to offer a fast, generic & simple way for potential clients or students to contact you directly while browsing your profile.

All messages from your profile contact form get turned into leads and display in your message centre as text messages. This chat style interface allows you to respond immediately, just like you would with any chat app, avoiding the need to bloat your email inbox.

What's more, keeping track of your leads is simple using the message centre and your Lifecoach dashboard, making keeping on top of your communications less time consuming and less of a chore!

If you happen to miss a lead while you're offline, we'll automatically drop you an email.

The reCaptcha box on your contact form is designed to eliminate spam so that all the leads you receive from your page are from real people.


If you have any questions about your profile and how to make the most of it, please don't hesitate to reach out here in the support centre or by email to