The program landing page is where you really show your coaching program off to potential clients.

Creating an effective program landing page is an important part of your marketing strategy because it's almost always where people make their buying decision.

When your program has been published on the Lifecoach platform, you will get a link that you can use to send people to your landing page. Users may also find your landing page by browsing or searching the Lifecoach platform, perhaps after completing another coaching program or an eCourse, so making a great first impression and convincing people that your program is right for them is key. Let's look at landing page creation in a little more detail...

Program Title

Choosing a good program title is vital when it comes to capturing attention, ensuring the right client fit and encouraging users to discover more about what your program can help them to achieve. Lifecoach programs must be goal or outcome focussed, so it makes sense that a good title hints at what your program can do for your clients. It's also important to keep your title as short as possible so that it fits onto the professionally designed cover image that we'll create for you.

Program Subtitle

Your subtitle allows you to expand on your title. This is the perfect place to tell prospective clients exactly what your program can help them to achieve. Time boxing your program here can also help to increase conversions if you feel that is appropriate.

Program Description

The description area is where you can completely put your own 'stamp' on your program landing page and give prospective clients everything they need to know in order to decide whether your program is right for them, as well as what to expect as they commence a coaching journey with you. Many clients will sign up for access to you, so even though they can browse your Coach profile, it's a good idea to give them a flavour of what your relationship will be like and why you are the perfect person to help them to succeed. All Lifecoach programs use online, 1-to-1 video coaching sessions so it's also a good idea to tell prospective clients what to expect on their video sessions with you.

Program Language

Select your language from the menu.

Your program can be promoted all over the world, so many clients rely on searching for programs by language. If you do speak more than one language and you want to widen your audience, create additional programs in your other language(s).

Program Category

Categories help clients and search engines to find what they're looking for. Select the closest matching category from the menu. These high level categories should be broad enough for you to find a good match but if you're really struggling to find a suitable category, please contact us to ask for help or recommend a new category.

What is the primary subject you address in this program?

This field allows you to summarise the primary subject matter of your program, helping clients (and search engines) to find your program in search.

Program Cover Image

Research shows that creating a strong, visually attractive image can make a huge difference when it comes to capturing attention and increasing enrolments.

Your cover image will be displayed prominently on your landing page and almost everywhere your landing page is promoted, including any social media posts/shares.

If you already have a banner image that you would like to use on your service landing page then feel free to upload it. Please note that uploaded images must meet the following guidelines in order to pass review:

  • Image file must be .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .webp or .bmp format
  • Image file size must be below 5MB
  • Images cannot contain any content or material deemed to be offensive or potentially offensive to others

We're aware that not every Coach has access to high quality images and graphic design tools.

For this reason and for a limited time only, we're offering a free, professionally designed cover image for every program.

If you would like a professionally designed banner image, simply select this option. When you submit your program for review, our in-house team of visual designers will look at your Coach profile and your service details in order to design a bespoke cover image that we feel is a great match for who you are and what you offer as a Coach.

Program Promotional Video

Adding a program promotional video is optional but highly recommended!

Experience shows that a well made promotional video can increase landing page conversion (and thus sales) by a factor of 10x.

Guidelines for program promotional videos:

  • At least 720p resolution
  • Files size must be less than 4.0GB
  • Keep your promo video under 90 seconds

Upload a video file via the drop-zone (drag and drop an .mp4 file) or click to choose a file on your system.

What are the main outcomes for clients who complete this program?

Optionally add up to 6 key outcomes to help you attract the right clients to your program.

Clients love to find out what they're going to achieve upfront so be clear and try to include all your key outcomes here!

Are there any special requirements or prerequisites?

Optionally add up to 6 requirements to help you attract the right clients to your program.

A requirement / prerequisite is something that a potential client must have in order to get value from or complete your program. For example, if this is an advanced level program and you need your clients to complete the beginner and intermediate level programs before enrolling in this one, you should make this clear by entering both the beginner and intermediate level program completions as requirements.

Be clear to reduce refunds! Being clear about requirements can help you to avoid clients who are not yet a good match for your program and thus, reduce the number of refund requests your program receives.

Who are your target clients?

Optionally add up to 6 client demographics/descriptions to help you attract the right clients to your program.

Clients who see themselves on the list are more likely to enrol!

Preview your program landing page

Make sure you save your changes and then press the preview button to see what your program landing page looks like. This is where your unique promotional link will take potential clients, so make sure you're 100% happy with your landing page before submitting your program. Note: You can always update your page after it has been published.