The 'Set Sessions & Pricing' tab of the program creator allows you to set the sessions that make up your program and to control the pricing of your program.

As a reminder, Lifeocoach programs are collections of 1-to-1 online video coaching sessions, focussed on a defined goal or outcome.

Number of sessions in the program

This is where you set the total number of sessions that are included in your program. If a client purchases the full program, this is the number of sessions that they are paying for. More on pricing below.

Program duration

This is where you set the typical program duration in weeks. It's important to give clients an idea of how long your program runs (generally speaking), but ultimately, this is flexible and you have full control over your program delivery.

Your local currency

Select your local currency.

We use this in conjunction with your set price to show your program in local currencies using a real-time currency conversion across all supported international territories. This makes your program available all over the world in local prices, without you having to worry about currency conversion.

Payment options (pricing)

We always make your program available for full, upfront purchase. This means that clients can purchase your program in full at any time, although we do our very best to encourage users to schedule 'discovery' sessions with you so that you can chat to them about your program, answer their questions and ensure they are a good fit.

Set your program price (in your set local currency) to control the full price of your program. You can change your price at any time so feel free to experiment with pricing after your program is published.

In addition to purchase in full, you have the option to also allow pay-per-session (Pay As You Go) pricing. If you choose to offer this, it will allow clients to purchase a single session at a time. When purchasing the first session, a client will be enrolled in your program.

If you choose to offer (Pay As You Go) pricing, set a price per session.

(Pay As You Go) pricing also allows you to offer a discount to clients who purchase the full program. Simply make your per session price higher, or lower your program price to control how big a discount you offer for purchasing in full.

Minimum price

The platform sets a minimum price in order to keep your program profitable across all supported currencies. The minimum price changes dynamically in line with the latest exchange rates. If you try to enter a price below the current platform minimum, you will receive an error message, notifying you of the current minimum price.

It is possible that you have previously set a price that is now below the platform minimum. If this is the case, you will see an error message notifying you of the latest minimum price. Please update your price accordingly.

To avoid any issues, we recommend you set a price with some margin above the absolute minimum. The minimum price is not a pricing target and in most cases you will probably be well above it anyway.