The 'Set Pricing' tab of the coaching service creator allows you to set the pricing for your unique coaching service(s).

Your local currency

Select your local currency.

We use this in conjunction with your set price(s) to show your price(s) in local currencies using a real-time currency conversion across all supported international territories. This makes your coaching service(s) available all over the world in local prices, without you having to worry about currency conversion.

Set pricing

This is where you set your price(s) (in your own local currency) in order to sell online video coaching sessions directly through the Lifecoach platform.

Note that we do our very best to encourage users to schedule 'discovery' sessions with you before purchasing so that you can chat to them about your coaching services, answer their questions and ensure they are a good fit.

Session Prices

Lifecoach allows you to enter up to 3 pricing bundles for your coaching service.

If you sell single sessions, simply enter 1 in the left column and then set your price per session in the right column.

We understand that not all coaches want to allow single session purchases and that's totally fine! If you prefer to encourage upfront commitment by setting a minimum session purchase above 1, simply enter your minimum number of sessions (eg. 10) in the left column and your price for that many sessions in the right column.

The platform will automatically calculate any discounts that you are offering for each bundle and make this visible to potential clients on your service landing page. For example:

Minimum price

The platform sets a minimum price in order to keep your services profitable across all supported currencies. The minimum price changes dynamically in line with the latest exchange rates. If you try to enter a price below the current platform minimum, you will receive an error message, notifying you of the current minimum price.

It is possible that you have previously set a price that is now below the platform minimum. If this is the case, you will see an error message notifying you of the latest minimum price. Please update your price accordingly.

To avoid any issues, we recommend you set a price with some margin above the absolute minimum. The minimum price is not a pricing target and in most cases you will probably be well above it anyway.

Can I change my price(s) after publishing my service?

Yes, absolutely! You have full control over your pricing and you can update your price(s) at any time.