Lifecoach operates an Admin review system to maintain the overall quality of the Lifecoach platform and deliver the best possible experience to all clients. For this reason, all new coaching services must go through Admin review.

Getting your service ready to submit

If you see any issues such as the ones below in this example, fix these issues before submitting your service for review:

As soon as all of these issues are resolved, you will be able to submit your service for review.

Submitting your service

When you have finished creating your service, simply submit it for review.

After successful submission, you will see the status of your service change. Nice work!

When you see this status, your service is with the Lifecoach Quality Team. 

If you opted for a professionally designed cover image, it will also go to the Design Team who will create your professional cover image. You don't need to do anything more at this point.

We'll notify you of the outcome by email so be sure to add lifecoach.io to your email address book, otherwise be sure to check your junk folder if you don't get an email confirmation when you submit your service. Failure to do this might mean you miss an important email from us regarding the status of your service.

What happens in review?

After submitting your coaching service, the Lifecoach Quality Team will review it to check that it meets our Quality Guidelines and either revert back to you for improvements (see below) or approve your service and publish it live on the Lifecoach platform.

If changes are required:

  • We'll let you know what you need to improve so that you can make any necessary changes and re-submit your service for review.
  • Where action is needed, please carefully read through the notes from the review team and make all necessary changes.
  • When you are happy that your changes, re-submit your service to put it back in review.

If your service passes review:

  • It will be published live on the platform
  • Your coaching sessions will now be available for sale in all supported territories
  • You can now start promoting your service landing page

Congratulations! When you see the 'Published' flag, your service is published on Lifecoach - great job!

Start promoting your coaching service!

Now that your service is live on Lifecoach, the next step to make it a roaring success is to start promoting it as widely as you can. Read more about how to promote your service to maximise enrolments and your earnings through our shared payment model.