Pricing Strategies

Lifecoach courses can follow one of two possible pricing strategies:

  • Always free
  • Paid

Always Free Strategy

With the always free strategy, your course will be free to all students. Students can enrol in your eCourse at any time at no cost.

If you plan on charging for your eCourse, or using a mixed strategy where some students are able to enrol for free while others pay (see below), then consider the paid strategy instead.

Paid Strategy

The paid pricing strategy allows you to charge students to enrol in your eCourse.

To set your eCourse price, simply select your local currency and set your desired price.

Minimum price

The platform sets a minimum price in order to keep your eCourse profitable across all supported currencies. The minimum price changes dynamically in line with the latest exchange rates. If you try to enter a price below the current platform minimum, you will receive an error message, notifying you of the current minimum price.

It is possible that you have previously set a price that is now below the platform minimum. If this is the case, you will see an error message notifying you of the latest minimum price. Please update your price accordingly.

To avoid any issues, we recommend you set a price with some margin above the absolute minimum. The minimum price is not a pricing target and in most cases you will probably be well above it anyway.

International sales

One of the best features of Lifecoach is that all you need to do to sell your coaching eCourses all over the world is set your local price. This tells the platform how much you would like to make in your own currency for each sale and the platform then does the hard work of handling currency conversions to offer your price to students in their own local currencies.

Changing your pricing strategy

You can change your eCourse's pricing strategy at any time.

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