A program is a series of online 1-to-1 video coaching sessions, built around a specific goal or outcome.

Can I create a program?

If you're a Coach then yes, you can create a program on the Lifecoach platform.

What can I base my program on?

The short answer is almost anything! We ask Coaches to put programs into one of our very high level categories, simply to help clients (and search engines) to discover them, but these categories should give you the flexibility you need to fill your own niche and target your ideal clients with the subject that you're an expert in! So if you coach on any particular topic, and you think you can package that knowledge into a series of 1-to-1 online video sessions in order to help your clients achieve a specific goal or outcome, then you can (and should!) create a program.

How many coaching sessions can/should I offer in my program?

It's completely up to you how many sessions you include in your coaching program. A typical program may include 12 sessions and be delivered at a pace of 1 session per week with your client over a 12 week period. Of course, your program may well be longer or shorter, depending on your program and the way you prefer to coach. You might prefer a session per week, a session every fortnight or even a session every day - the choice is yours and you have full control over your session scheduling. After a client purchases your program (or the first session if paying per session), it is up to you as the Coach to schedule every session with your client.

Why are programs built around specific goals or outcomes?

Our research tells us that while many people have a specific goal or outcome in mind when they start looking for help online, they do not all consider coaching. Grabbing a potential client's attention with a strong, focussed and highly visual program cover image and title can lead to increased engagement and ultimately, much higher conversion rates.

Are programs only for 1-to-1 Coach/Client relationships?

Yes. At this time the platform only supports 1-to-1 online video coaching and all video sessions take place through the platform. We do have an aspiration to offer group coaching in the future and if that is something you would like to see then please do vote for the feature here.

Do I have to offer free discovery calls/sessions with interested clients?

Yes. We're sure that you'll be the first to agree when we say that client/coach fit is vitally important when it comes to the success of any coaching program. For this reason, we ask every Coach who creates a program on the platform to offer free discovery sessions with interested clients. You have full control over when you allocate time for discovery sessions (via your Lifecoach calendar) and as soon as a prospective client books one of your available discovery sessions, they will appear as a lead in your Lifecoach Client Relationship Manager (CRM). This helps you to manage all of your leads and even to turn them into active clients by inviting people to enrol in your products and services after successful discovery sessions with them.

Can you help me to create my first program?

Absolutely! That's what we're here for, and we've built the Lifecoach platform to make the process as simple as possible.

In addition to making the program creation process simple, we also offer a free professionally designed cover image for every program. Using a professionally designed image can make all the difference when it comes to boosting conversion rates and making your program as attractive as possible.

We're constantly working on improving our tips, tools, FAQs and user guide to arm you with all of the information you need to create your first program, promote it and make it a huge success.

Will I get paid?

Absolutely. At this time, all programs on the Lifecoach platform are paid. You set your own program price and in addition to setting a price for clients who purchase your full program upfront, you can also offer pay-per-session (Pay as You Go) pricing. Your prices can also be different, so if you choose to offer both options to your clients, you can offer a discount for purchasing your program in full versus pay-per-session. Read more about how payouts work here.

Are there any fees?

There is no fee to create, host and run your programs on Lifecoach. As a Coach, you can publish as many paid programs and run as many client sessions as you like. We believe in a sustainable partnership, where Coaches are rewarded for creating amazing programs, improving lives and bringing clients to the platform, and Lifecoach is rewarded for driving new clients to our Coaches. To facilitate this, Lifecoach is built on a shared payment model where revenue on program sales is split between the Coach (you) and the platform (Lifecoach) depending on who drives each sale. In summary, the platform takes a 2.5% revenue share on every sale that you generate as a result of promoting your program using your unique smart link, and 5% on every sale that occurs as a result of our platform marketing. Read more about the shared payment model here.

Read enough?

Fantastic, let's create your first program today...