As a reminder, Lifecoach operates a shared payment model, so you only pay our platform fee on online coaching sessions successfully sold via Lifecoach. The platform fee varies depending on who 'promoted' the sale. Here's how it works...

Coach Payment Share Overview:

  • Reduced Platform Rate: You earn 92.5% and the platform earns 7.5% on all session sales that occur as a result of your own promotion. To reduce the platform fee, and thus increase your own earnings; simply promote your coaching service using the share button or unique tracking link that we give you on the "Promote' tab of your service builder.

  • Standard Platform Rate: You earn 80% and the platform earns 20% on all session sales that occur through active promotion by the platform. As a reminder, we actively seek to promote your coaching profile, products & services through our global network of partners in the Personal Development & Transformation space. Where a sale occurs through our paid promotion or one of our partners reaching their audience and promoting you as a Coach (likely through their own paid promotion), we apply our standard platform rate to the sale.

How You Get Paid

Shared payment occurs at point of sale and happens automatically and your percentage earnings are immediately transferred into a secure wallet. Your earnings remain in your wallet for 28 days in order to cover any potential refund requests. Refunds are highly unlikely, but where we get a refund request, we endeavour to deal with it speedily and impartially. After the 28 day post-sale period has passed, your earnings are automatically deposited into your nominated bank account.

We Handle & Pay For International Currency Conversion

Lifecoach is a global coaching platform and we support client payment in multiple currencies. When you price your coaching service, you do so in your own preferred currency. We present your price to users around the world in multiple currencies in order to provide a better client experience. Where an international sale occurs, we perform any necessary currency conversion and transfer your earnings into your wallet in your chosen payout currency. This ensures that you do not have to worry about currency conversion or incur any extra fees during automatic payout to your bank account. Our platform fee covers the cost of currency conversion and exchange rate fees that we get charged as a platform.

No Extra Fees

From the point at which your (shared payment %) earnings are transferred to your wallet, there are no further fees. You will not have to deal with currency conversion (see above), and you will not get charged for the automated monthly payouts from your Lifecoach wallet to your bank account.

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